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Dynamic IT solutions in UAE

Get the suitable IT infrastructure for your enterprise one-stop, TransTech, the guaranteed IT solutions company in Dubai.

Industrial IoT Solution

Get your trade efficiency uplifted by the proven and fortunate IoT solutions from the rightest IoT company in Dubai. We drag, analyze, and report real-time data from different IoT platforms connected to the internet and share them with respective professionals enabling the long life of IoT devices we offer. Transtech is excelled in providing industrial IoT services like connecting and monitoring IoT devices and automating them for industries and services like Asset Tracking, Fleet Management, Patient care workflow, and Energy Efficiency to reduce their complexities in processes with the latest innovations across the respective industries.

Advanced Big Data Analytics

Terrified of vast and complex data? Our executives will set up cutting-edge analytics techniques to examine large and complex data. We’ll run through an immense amount of data to understand a specific pattern and informed insights to make data-informed determinations for your enterprise. Transtech can handle structured/ unstructured, extensive, and complicated data with highly powerful tools in the industry. It facilitates companies to analyze, unclutter, structure, and segment the data to get an invaluable, effective, and sustainable business strategy following their company goals. We present valuable insight from big data easy to undertake with our practical suggestions. Through our comprehensive package of big data analytics, we have become the most reliable data analytics experts in Dubai.

Flexible Cloud Computing

TransTech offers reliable technology and IoT solutions with the finest cloud computing solutions in Dubai. Our cloud services spectrum includes services like Microsoft Azure, Office 365 consulting, private cloud setup, implementation and migration, office DR solutions on the cloud, etc. We furnish our custom packages according to our clientele’s requirements. We have been defending our leading rank in cloud computing, by offering superior cloud services at affordable prices with our highly experienced cloud masters team in Dubai. Moreover, our services are robust, powerful, and secure storage for your data.

Effective Routing & Switching

Experienced professionals in Transtech ensure your bulk data packets are transferred between the same or different networks without any glitches. Our switching solutions enclose data accessing and aggregation for all business firms and data centers irrespective of their confines. Transtech excelled in providing firms with comprehensive, scalable, and unassailable routing solutions over the past decade. In addition to that, data packets in data centers are guarded against unauthorized and other private networks with potential firewall solutions.

Premium Artificial Intelligence

Standard computer intelligence solutions from eminent services provider companies can build your digital agents, chatbots, etc with the latest technologies. Our trained team can help your enterprise by applying the impact of cognitive AI into your enterprise process and automating them to get greater efficiency. The customer spectrum includes clients from the retail, healthcare, education, and hospitality sectors. We prosper to extend our clientele portfolio at a steady pace with the use of AI tech with our pre-trained AI experts. Our team is well versed with state of art technologies, machines, and deep learning who can outrank your position against your competitors.

Modern Cybersecurity Services

TransTech is a modern cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency in Dubai that secures your organization and its data with the latest cybersecurity services and solutions. Our expertise in cyber security over the past decade promotes our clientele to guard their firms, detect and react to cyber threats, and support in assessing and recovering from cyber-attacks. The cybersecurity team from Transtech, the best cybersecurity company initiates the modern approach to AI security services by performing a thorough audit of your enterprise security gaps and presenting your site and data with cyber immunity. Our cybersecurity security spectrum includes security products and tools, quality services, and thick security consultations to downsize your risk.

Enterprise Ready RFID Solutions

Fending your enterprise from the security perils from both inside and outside of your firm is the prioritized pursuit of Transtech, the most reasonable RFID asset tracking company in the UAE. Our well-trained specialists with resounding experience in radio frequency identification (RFID), with seamless reading and budget-friendly tags, provide an effective RFID service. TransTech offers the best in class RFID services in Dubai with decades of experience in a spectrum of industries including health, retail, and manufacturing industries. Our wide range of RFID solution spectrum drives us to the leading service provider position.

High-Speed Wireless System

TransTech designs traditional Wireless Solutions for enterprises irrespective of their confines within their said budget. Our technical team has been maintaining a strong and lasting relationship with the clientele by offering them high performance and high-speed connectivity. Our custom-tailored solution for the steadfast wireless signal empowers our clientele to connect, communicate, and control IP-based voice, video, and data in real-time both indoors and outdoor. Having the High-speed WLAN design from Transtech, the high-speed WLAN service provider is crucial for business in UAE.

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